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This is sort of awesome

I’m watching DC reruns and its when Mikey on the Cape Caution keeps whining and bitching about leaving and UGH I’m just like shut the fuck up Mikey. You are pissing me off with all of your bullshit.

Lenny has always been a diva in the mornings.
Dane, I’m done with even caring about him.
When Freddie was just standing there at the end, I thought he was gonna fucking snap on Dane and punch him. And then when he was waiting on the dock. Oh lord.

Cape Caution:
Wtf guys! We seriously can’t think to piece together two 45s to make a 90?!?! Can we not multitask? Thank god for Bill.

Elliot. Stop. Just stop. Do you realize both your ladies will see this? They’ll see everything. Everything you’ve ever said about them. All the bad mouthing.
Nothing good comes out of not beating the ice off.
Don’t get pissy with mike. He’s saving your ass and you’re gonna fire him? Shut up. So ungrateful.

I’m afraid for Dane’s life right now. Not because I like him, because I don’t, I think he’s a pompous asshole who needs to learn that you give respect to get respect, but because I know Freddie is a beast and would snap him in half like a toothpick.

I love it.

But seriously Mikey, stop your bitching. Listen to Bill.

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